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Brickell Brokers is a fraud and scam company. Their agent Diana Shay is also the same scam material. Diana Shay Realtor Scam.

They show me apartment for investment when I visiting Miami from Hong Kong. Diana Shay show me bogus apartment and more bogus apartment, then show me okay looking one bedroom apartment with funny smell and said "It is 550,000 dollars and this one is priced to sell. There is no negotiation on this one, you must trust me. You should buy this one, you will make a lot of money. You are very difficult to work with you know and any other agent would have dropped you."

I was very angry, but was tired, so I said to her okay, I will buy. Just let me make some calculation. She then change her game and say "Let me make phone call to see if the apartment is still available because you have wasted a lot of time and this one is very well priced and will sell.

She then talk in some foreign language on the phone to someone. Then Diana Shay Scam says "The seller agent, he already receive offer, but he say to hold for you since you travel from Hong Kong. You are lucky."

Then she start to say to me "Oh, we should celebrate this purchase, let us have dinner and later we can go back your hotel and really shake things up." And she started shaking her breast.

I was shocked by this indecent behavior, she want me to pay 550,000 dollars for sex? Ridicule. Diana Shay Realtor Scam. Brickell Broker fraud.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Perhaps you were the one trying to screw her and she is too good for you buddy!! Lies,lies,lies!!get a life looser!


Éric Marchand the french realtor of brickell brockers corp is the same crook!

He even stole his own family, friends and overs i know!!!

This is the sad truth !!!

New York, New York, United States #710298

I have encountered this Diana Shay Professional Scam and *** artist. She play same game with me on a apartment.

Just she say, "And this is the bedroom, my favorite part.

Maybe you will bring me here when the bed and everything is here, right, hahaha" And then shake her chest. I am happy I leave the Miami and Miami Fraudster Diana Shay.

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